One stream.
All devices.



The best possible sound quality with dynamic bandwidth and on every device.



State-of-the-art broadcasting ensures an uninterrupted audio experience at any bandwidth.



First-party data show listener information live and enable hyperlocal advertising.


is a software platform for the distribution and control of any form of audio content with advanced data for audio broadcasters, audio advertising marketers, and content delivery networks that web technologies offer.

streaMonkey aims to deliver the new business standard for dynamic delivery of any audio content through a single source solution without plug-ins or workarounds.

Linear or programmatic. Live or on-demand.

Radio becomes Audio.

streaMonkey is the new business platform for audio streaming.

It meets all requirements for audio distribution, whether live stream, linear, or on demand.

More satisfied listeners.
More audience reach.
More turnover.

One stream.
All devices.

The streaming server becomes intelligent.

Instead of using static links, it establishes dynamic, server-controlled communication with each and every terminal device.

All with just one link.

The best sound quality. Everywhere.

streaMonkey ensures optimum quality of transmission and reception at all times – for every terminal device and in every situation.

In order to deliver the stream dynamically and in the highest quality, each connection is permanently monitored.

Stationary or mobile. And the best thing about it: reliable and always-on.


Out of the box.

Listeners become their own 
program director.

Listeners can easily pause, resume, or skip.

All these features are available on every terminal device.

In this way, streaming becomes the state of the art audio experience for all listeners, as features are not limited to the use of apps, but are even applicable in an age-old IP radio.

This time, it is personal.

The server recognizes its listeners. By individual user identification, personal or social login. Cross-channel.

As a result the server can react to individual wishes of the listeners and provide the foundation for modern data collection.

Listeners get even more of what they want to hear while the server collects the data necessary for modern content management.

Never again Shakira.

Skipping was yesterday. The server platform enables listeners to customize their favourite programme even more.

Content can not only be skipped. streaMonkey empowers both the broadcsters and the listener to tailor any content dynamically and individually in order to suit the requirements of each.

Reducing the impulse to switch or turn off by facilitating more target group-oriented content distribution.

Complete control.

With full control of your stream and access to all your streaming data, you decide what happens on your server.

streaMonkey loves data – a precondition for your stream control and live dashboards for your management.

streaMonkey gives you full control over your program and KPIs.

Speaking of Dashboards…

We developed streaMonkey to facilitate data-driven control.

Therefore each radio station will receive its own dashboards with the most important data. Always live, that goes without saying. And because it's your stream, we adapt your dashboards to the needs of your teams and your corporate design.

Data visualization as individual as your stream.

Data is the new commodity.

If data is the new oil, how much value can be generated from that information?

streaMonkey was developed in order to get audio streaming into today‘s world of data. Using as much information as possible. And only as much as authorized by data protection regulations.

streaMonkey is the new core of your data management platform and benefits from native interfaces for linking to other systems.